Welcome To Florida Fur Central!!

Attempting to add a Group? Be sure it meets these Requirements! :3

1. Based on a part of Florida

2. Is active and has at least 5 posts a month by ANY user

3. Has had at least 1 meet in the last 90 Days

4. Is friendly and has at least 2 admins

5. (And the most important) is rated SFW and rated PG

Attempting to add an Event? Be sure it meets these Requirements! :3

1. Is Listed in a Group or is an event that happens often or is a Planed Event

2. Is rated PG and/or Family Friendly

3. Includes a Shaded area for Possible Fursuiters

4. Is in an area where there is plenty of space

5. Has prior permission to be in that area for a set or indefinate amount of time