Welcome to Florida Fur Central!

January 5th, 2017
Finally had the time to rebuild the pages and add more events to the Calendar! Facebook page is up too!
I also created a logo for the site and did some minor decorating. Gallery and New backgrounds to come next!


November 15th, 2016
Added a Beauitful splashpage to make the site look more attractive :3
Please remember I am always looking for help rhnning and maintaining the site ^.^


November 14th, 2016
Calendar Page is up and active ^.^ . If you would like to add an event, please contact me via Facebook or Email. :3
I will be looking for events a few times a month as they show up in groups and cons.


>November 9th, 2016
I want to thank everyfur who stopped by to see the progress of the site! I've hit some snags here and there with the coding but im very far from done.